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Good morning/ Good evening. I just bought my PC a week ago, installed windows 10 and drivers the same day. The problem is: whenever I install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver via Armoury Crate software or from the official Intel website and restart my PC, the Asus screen freezes for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then the lock screen shows up, at this point, the pc runs too slow! I press any key in order to enter the pin and unlock my windows, the PC acts too slow that I can't even enter my pin, and when I do, the whole PC freezes, and sometimes it stays frozen for 15mins and enter the windows. When it enters, and I click on the start menu (For example) the actions are made 6minutes later or so. Is there any way to fix this issue? 
My CPU is an Intel i5 10400f

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Once it unfreezes, if you go into Event Viewer you can see the last process that ran that hung it up.  To get to Event Viewer, you go into Command Prompt (e.g., enter cmd in the search box), then enter the command eventvwr.

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Why are you installing the Intel RST Driver?

Are you using RAID configuration?

Or, are you have Optane Memory Module installed?

Or, is your SATA mode set to RAID or Intel RST Premium with Optane" rather than to AHCI?

If the answer for those question is negative, you don't need the Intel RST Driver.