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Problem re-setting up Rapid Storage Technology Driver based RAID 1 volume


I have a test & development PC running Windows 7 64-bit PRO using an Asus m/b featuring Intel chipsets and CPU.

I boot from a 128G SSD. And use two 2T drives in RAID 1 mode for my development projects (and a few games). I did have to add a GE Force graphics card to make my games happy.... But that is not relevant.

Something went "very wrong" with my RAID 1 volume. And since I had re-mapped my user folders to it from the SSD boot drive, Windows was not happy. Lots of errors. Lots of file/folder structure errors. Windows forced me to run a boot checkdisk, that found lots of problems, but before finishing the repair Checkdisk would crash and force a reboot! And try to fix the drive again.

i may have accelerated the crash by updating BIOS and not realising the default SATA setting is IDE not AHCI.

I switched to my backup "admin" account - not mapped from the SSD. Was able to get into windows without error, and could see my RAID drives as seperate disks.

I backed up my data to a NAS.

Now when I run the RST driver installer it completes without error. Re-activates my RAID 1 storage. But in the management screen I cannot access the Volume information (its not even listed).

It just shows all the physical drives, and what SATA jack they are in:


2 DVD1

3 Seagate 2T

4 WD 2T

5 DVD2

6 spare (goes to eSata jack on the case)

My DVDs used to be connected through a PCI card (Vantec UGT-ST622). I decided that was silly to use with so many spare SATA jacks on the m/b so I moved the two DVDs onto m/b jacks.

But I am wondering now if having the optical drives on the m/b jacks is preventing the RST control panel from working properly?

I have not found any mention anyplace that the jacks must be left un connected for the RST driver to work. Is this an issue?

Thanks in Advance!


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Thanks for joining the community.

I understand you have problems with your RAID 1 configuration.

I would like to know what is the actual RAID status when you press CTRL + I upon boot up process.

Please take a picture of the RAID BIOS screen and attach it.

I will be waiting for the picture, thank you.