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RAID Web Console 2 - Server could not be found


Hello All;

I have a S2600CP4 with an Intel RAID C600 Upgrade Key RKSATA8R5. The 2 x 500GB SATA hard drives are configured into a RAID1 mirror. BIOS 'AHCI Capable SATA Controller' is set to [RAID mode] with the 'AHCI Capable RAID Options' set to RST. The OS is SLES 11 SP2 x86_64. The system works fine in non-XEN and in XEN modes. Now I would like to install the RAID Web Console 2(RWC2) application. Following the 'ir3_Linux_RWC2_x64_v12.05.03.00_readme.txt. and ensured I have all the requirements/prerequisites, I finally installed the Linux RWC2 app 'Completely' with no failures.

Starting the ux on the server, it states 'Servers could not be found because the server may be down or server not installed in the host system.'

Using the netstat utility I see port 3071 is listening on IP Nothing is using port 5571. I've restarted the 'vivaldiframeworkd' framework, still no joy.

Can anyone help/suggestion?

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RWC2 is for hardward RAID (IR3) ang ESRT2, but not RSTe. To manage RSTe under Linux, refer to http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/rste/sb/CS-033622.htm Intel� Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel� RSTe) — Linux* Software User�s Manual

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