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RAID5 array not displaying in Rapid Storage software.

I have a functioning RAID5 array on my system that does not show up in IRST.

When I go to My Computer it shows up and can be used normally.

My system has crashed a few times and IRST has notified me that it has fixed errors on the array, but there's still no way to view it.

My board has Intel X58 + ICH10R Chipset and I'm running Windows 7 x64 SP1 and a recent version of IRST.

My question is, why doesn't it show up, and how do I fix it?

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Could you please provide the system report generated by Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology?

The information on how to get this report is available here:

In addition, please copy paste here the dxdiag report from that computer. To get this report, go to start menu, type dxdiag and press enter, then click on save all this information.