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RST with RAID 1 array under XP SP3


I have an Intel DP35DP based system with a pair of Seagate 500GB SATA drives in a RAID 1 array. One of the drives recently dropped out of the array. After resetting the drive and adding it back to the array it successfully remirrored the array and returned to Normal status. I then ran the Verify function from within the RST utility program. When completed it report 1 verify error and 211 Blocks with Media Errors. I did not receive any messages during the Verify run and everything appears normal at this point. The question is did the RAID firmware successfully repair the verify error and relocate the 211 blocks with media errors? There is no log or report of the verify function, and nothing to tell me which drive in the RAID 1 array has the media errors. Is there a way to determine this so I can replace the 'flaky' drive?

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