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Problem installing RST on Win7 32-bit


Recently I updated from Matrix Storage Manager to RST on Win7 32-bit.

The old Matrix Storage Manager was causing bluescreens whenever I woke up my system from hibernating (iaStor.sys code: 9088).

Now when I try to install the RST software I double-click on the installshield file "iata96enu" and I get an error message,

that "setup.exe is not working".

I use to rename my files after I download them. For example I renamed "iata96enu.exe" to "RST".

As soon as I rename this file it can't be executed.

It's quite a strange problem, because renaming files should not lead to this error message. But still the error message

is corresponding to setup.exe, which apparently is not the original name of the file (after downloading) anyway.

Another workaround I tried is to extract the content by the command line -a -a -p C:\Intel\

but this command only extracts the inf and sys files without an executable file.

Do you have these problems too?

I have two exactly the same PCs with an Intel Desktop Board DP35DP, latest BIOS, and each have only one SATA HDD Drive

configured as AHCI RAID.

I know that I don't need this software with only 1 HDD, but I can't uninstall the iaStor.sys that easy so I decided to update this in order

to prevent the bluescreens while waking up from S3 state.

I hope to receive some help, because the installing problem is quite annoying on both PCs.

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