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Raid 1 - rapid storage tech - meaning of message


I had a power failure. On restart Rapid Storage Tech issued message - Data on one or more volumes is protected from a disk failure.

Checking status everything listed as "normal" Check of advanced indicated verification/consistency errors. Had to run Verify multiple times to correct all errors (3). On bootup RST is still issuing message. Every place I look all drives and volumes report normal with no errors.

What is happening and how do I fix/remove message? Message was not issued previous to power failure.

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Data on one or more volumes is protected from a disk failure

It always does that it saying hey look you have RAID that is protected from a disk failure as in if one disk dies your data is safe.

Message was not issued previous to power failure.

You missed it.


Dumb-Ta-Dumb-Dumb maybe. Somehow in trying to fix problem the issue information messages was checked were it wasn't checked before. Hence the message never previously appeared

Since there was a presistent problem after power outage,mentally I contected the two. After correcting the main error with VERIFY the manage message was displayed on summary. According to help documentation the manage message on summary only displays if error was found dispite volumes and disks being marked "normal". Since I could not find another error, presents of "manage" said I had one and "protected" message was "new" I didn't connect message to fact I had RAID.Apparently the documentation is in error concerning when "manage" message is displayed.

Anyway I unchecked the issue information messages and all appears well.