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RST issue with Windows 10



I have re-configured an old PC (Core2 Duo E8500 + P45/ICH10R chipset) with Windows 10 Pro 64bits. This PC worked perfectly with Windows 7 Pro 64bits using 2 Raid1 volumes (2x 2 HDDs on 4 consecutive ports - 0 to 3).


Before installing Win 10, I have used one SSD (on port 0) to replace the 1st Raid1 volume and disconnected the second Raid1 volume.


The installation process has worked well: Win10, RST software. The PC boots without any problem on Win10.


As a second step, I have added the 2HDDs used as the 2nd Raid1 volume on Win7 setup on ports 2 and 3 (same ports used on Win7 setup).


But, with this configuration, Windows did not boot. I've got a blue screen with an error message: inaccessible boot device.


I have checked the boot device order: this is OK. And the Raid1 volume is well recognized during BIOS process.

The only 2 ways to boot the PC again is:


- either to remove the Raid1 volume


- or to restore a previous Win10 setup without RST tool installed (in this case, I have no access to the Raid1 volume)

I have attached a txt file with system information (without the Raid1 volume)

I hope someone will be able to help me.




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Hello DBP13,



Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.



I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the Intel® RST.



This looks like a compatibility issue because the processor and the chipset you have are not compatible with Windows® 10, in addition, the Intel® RST driver version you have is not supported by the chipset installed on your motherboard.



You can check https://downloadmirror.intel.com/25165/eng/F6flpy_ReadMe.txt this link for supported chipsets for the Intel® RST version you have.



My recommendation is to install a supported OS for your system.



I hope this helps.





Juan V.

Hello Juan,

Thank you for your answer.

I have checked the available RST driver versions. I have seen that the latest version which supports ICH10R controller is So, I will download it.

Concerning the fact that the CPU and the chipset used on my PC is not compatible with Windows 10, I am surprised because Windows 10 was downloaded on my PC using Windows Update. I guess Microsoft checks system configuration before offering Win10 upgrade. By the way, this is another check of system compatibility when Win10 is installed - my PC has passed this step also.

Where have you found the information about the non-compatibility of the CPU and the chipset installed on my PC? Could you please provide me with a link or a document?

Thank you again

Best regards



Hi DBP13,



You are welcome.



You can check the validated processors for Windows® 10 by clicking https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/processors/000006105.html here.


As for the chipset/motherboard compatibility with Windows® 10, you can go to the support site of your motherboard and search for available drivers, if you are unable to find official drivers for Windows® 10, it means that your motherboard is not validated to run that OS.



I hope this information helps.



Best Regards,


Juan V.