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I have an HP computer that has two 80gig hardrives in Raid 1 and a 500gb drive. One of the 80gig harddrives went bad and I replaced it. I followed the instructions on how to rebuild on a new drive, except I accidently selected the 500gb.

I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me get back to having the two 80gig drives in Raid 1 and a standalone 500gb.

Do I need to delete the raid volume and then create a new one?

How can I be assured the the "non replaced" 80gig drive will be copied to the "replaced" 80gig drive? I don't want to lose my OS and files.

Leon Ross

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Since you are using a RAID 1 you can just delete the RAID 1 array and the information on the RAID 1 volume will be on both the hard drives that were part of it. However in this case since you accidentally selected the 500 GB hard drive, the information that was on it has been now at this point overwritten with the information on the RAID 1 volume.

The old information on the 500 GB could be restored with a third party software to recover files, check with a software developer that provides this type of applications to see if this would be possible.

Concerning the RAID 1, the information on the "non replaced" 80 GB hard drive will be still intact and you can just perform the rebuild again to the new hard drive that you bought, just make sure that you select it appropriately when doing the rebuild.

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