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Rapid Storage Technology - no rebuild after fail


Last weekend a disk in my RAID failed.

Here's what I saw on a Ctrl-I

Port 0 is the ssd boot drive

The other three were all 1tb drives configured as RAID5

A little research soon confirmed that that model/serial combo on port 2 is Seagate-ese for 'It's stuffed'

I swapped the drive for another 1tb Barracuda and powered on.The Option Rom now showed the new drive as non raid on port 2 and the volume remained as failed

As I was now able to fire up the OS I went in to the management app and saw:

Rebuild has not kicked in and I can't see any option to start it

Any ideas for me?

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In this case the status of the RAID volume is not "degraded" as if only a single drive was bad; instead, the whole RAID structure of the array has failed and therefore it is not possible to recover it.