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Rapid Storage Technology not finding mSSD, 3 minute boot time


I have a custom HP dv6 7000 (3rd gen i5, 8gb RAM) with an option of a 32gb mSSD acceleration cache. However, opening the RST interface shows my 640GB system HDD, ATAPI disk, and an empty internal port where my SSD should be. There is no "Accelerate" tab on the top. And the SSD cannot be found on My Computer. On previous SATA RAID controller drivers, the RST service would not run, but with updated drivers it works, but I'm still not seeing any SSD.

Accessing system diagnostics in the boot menu and system information > HDD Info reveals the system sees the 640GB HDD and a Samsung SATA SSD but only showing a capacity of 1gb.

After updating drivers , cold boot time went from under a minute to almost 3 minutes. The hard drive light doesn't come on until after 2 minutes at the Starting Windows screen and about thirty seconds later it gets to the login screen.

However, from reboot or booting after spending some time in the boot menu then booting, the hard drive light comes on instantly and the computer takes only 17 seconds at the Starting Windows screen. Possibly it takes the computer some time to build power to work the hard drive up to speed?

All drivers and BIOS are up to date (BIOS version F.23 12/14/2012). BIOS set to seek OS from system HDD first, not CD drive or USB. Startup programs are kept to a minimum (RST set to automatic, no delayed start)

Any help?

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