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Rst doesnt see my harddrives?


Hi, had 2 ssd in raid 1 array for windows, i reinstalled w7 64bit ultimate on 1 ssd and motherboard set to achi.

Today i formatted the second ssd, changed achi to raid and booted into windows, windows finds the ssd just fine but not rst, it only finds an old single harddrive that used to be part of a raid 1 array, rst warns about degraded array.

Asrock P67 pro3 motherboard

1x samsung evo850 ssd 120Gb with windows 7 installed

1x samsung evo850 ssd 120Gb recently formatted so contains nothing

1x sandisk 120 ssd for games

1x 2Tb western digital green for storage (this is seen as one half of a raid1 array)

1x 2Tb western digital green used for storage off non sensitive data

I want to run the samsungs as raid1 array with windows and highly sensitive data on, but none of them comes up in rst, any idea why?

Is rst more or less safe then windows 7 builtin mirroring technology?

Does rst use more or less resources then windows 7 builtin technology?



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In regard to your question, remember that every time that the SATA mode is changed on the BIOS the installation of Windows from scratch is necessary, because it will not boot if you change the SATA mode after the installation was completed and if it does like in this case some devices might not be properly recognized by the tool.



On the following link you will find the IRST version that should be fully compatible with your system, please try to install it if you are currently using a different one:



https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23496/Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Intel-RST-RAID-Driver... https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23496/Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Intel-RST-RAID-Driver...



If you changed SATA mode to "Raid" and if you try to access the control + I menu, are all the hard drives showing in there?



The Intel® RST is a very reliable tool, it consumes more resources because it is an external application, as you mentioned it does not belong to the operating system, which is why it is also more secure and safe since it was build specifically to provide that function.



Please let me know the results of trying the steps above.



Any further questions, please let me know.







Hello sighsigh:



I just wanted to check if the information posted previously was useful for you, and if you need further assistance on this matter?



Any questions, please let me know.