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New to the community!

I just installed a new HD on my Dell Inspiron 560. The new drive is larger (1TB) than the original (750GB), and it is the drive "suggested" by Dell and purchased from their Web site.

Before swapping the drives, I followed the guides for backup, creating a recovery disk, and the like.

The swap seemed to go well. The trouble soon showed in a number of actions, all with the error code 0x8E5E0247.

My research all tended to point to updating the Intel SRT software. Apparently, this "fix" worked on a variety of computer types, makes and models.

The trouble I have is since the swap, I can not download any of the "fix" programs. I get all the routine screens, etc., but my machine will not "open," "save," "save as," or take any other action.

Does anyone have a suggestion for overcoming this problem?

Thank you.

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Hi Knorske, I have some questions in order to clarify the issue:

  • Was the operating system cloned from the older drive into the new drive or is this a clean installation?
  • Was the system setup to use Intel® Smart Response Technology with a smaller capacity Solid State Drive?
  • Did you try uninstalling Intel® Rapid Storage Technology to see if the error goes away?
  • When does this error code appear? Can you make it appear at will?
  • Is the older drive still operational? If yes, does the error appear when you booting from the older drive?
  • Can you open Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and take a screenshot of the drive's configuration, error message, and generate the system report?

http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/CS-023487.htm Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) — System Reports

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