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Unknown Error Moving RAID 1 Volume to Larger Drives


Error message "An unknown error occurred during the volume creation process" about 90 seconds into creating a new RAID 1.

I am moving a RAID 1 to larger hard drives (2TB to 4TB) per Intel Article: 05837. I am at the final step # 18 (out of 18)) when the error occurs. At this stage both 4 TB drives are installed, one with about 1.6 TB data from the original 2TB RAID on it. RAID creation is via an icon in IRST on the Status Tab.

System as follows:

Windows 10 PRO

MotherBoard: Intel DH87MC

BIOS: MCH8710H.86A.0162.2015.07.07



RAID is data only, not a boot drive

Drive Status: Normal (Both)

Drive Usage: Available (Both)

Both drives visible in Windows, D: and U: (D: has the data, U: is empty).

Both drives are GPT.

Both drives reported as size 3726.02 GB by EaseUS Partition Master Pro.

I am following the 5837 protocol to maintain the data. I have not done anything in the IRST Option ROM other than what the protocol directs (specifically have not created a RAID in the Option ROM). When disk to be added has Usage changed to Spare then the Create Volume icon goes away. If I create the RAID in the Option ROM will I lose the data? Does this system support a 4TB RAID. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

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Community Manager

Hello, jasmoo.



Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Communities Team.



I understand you are having an error when trying to move your RAID 1 from 2TB to 1TB. I will be more than glad to assist you with this problem you are facing.



For me to properly troubleshoot this issue I would like to have a report of your Intel® Rapid Storage Technology. In order to provide this please follow the steps of the following link: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000006351/technologies.html https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000006351/technologies.html


Furthermore, I would like to have a screenshot of the Disk Management window. You can access there by simply right click on the Windows *Start Button and then, click on Disk Management.




Antony S.



Thank you for your reply.

The problem has been resolved so the current system report is not applicable.. Probably what it would have shown is that the subject volume was a System Volume, because it contained a Pagefile.

Removing the Pagefile eliminated the unknown error and allowed creation of a new volume.

Unfortunately there seemed to be no way to complete the process without formating the new volume, which negated the the whole protocol which was supposed to preserve the data. Ah well. No important data lost, but a large administrative headache. I did provide a stress test for the backup procedures which revealed a few minor flaws undetected for several years.

Somebody should look at that article 5837 to see that it works. I went through it step by step with no problem except the Pagefile until the very very end when a format was required and no going back as far as I could tell.

Best regards

Community Manager

Hello, jasmoo.



Thank you very much for sharing this information with the community and it is really good to hear that your system is running properly now. We will definitely double check on that article, I really appreciate your feedback.



Antony S.