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clean reinstall with intel rapid storage


After a series of hickups, I have recently ended up with a need to reinstall Win 7 on a Dell Inpiron 7250 that came with an SSD and a 1Tb hdd. Hardware diagnostics show no error. The problem is that when i attempt to reinstall the OS from OEM DVD the Bios menu is set to Intel Rapid Storage, but the install is not possible. There appears to be no drives to install to. With the BIOS set to AHC setup does run , but I end up losing the SSD and Intel RST funcionality. I have researched forums about the topic, but none of the solutions i found seem to be working. I am absolutely certain that I'm misssing an important detail, so I would need a step-by-step foolproof set of instructions that starts from a totally clean system. One cannot help but wonder why the OEM setup DVD is not able to set the system up from scratch.

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Hello JanosBorbely,

It is important to say that OEMs set limitations on their systems and they create their own systems with special Operating System images. My recommendation is to contact Dell and have you system re-imaged.

From our side, you can try the Generic driver we have for OEM systems. Here is the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology User guide. This document contains very detail information for users:

http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/CS-020670.htm http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/CS-020670.htm


I have tried to install the RST driver from Intel's website, but as a result the system fails to boot. My suspicion is that there must have been a driver or a program booting from the now missing partitions, without which BIOS cannot handle the drives in raid mode, so i only see one of the two drives when setting up Windows. I would be more then thankful for a bootable app that would reinstall the missing partitions. I am afraid reading the manual you have suggested would not do it without the proper setup software.

Having quickly skimmed the manual it appears that this what I am missing: Rapid Storage Technology option ROM.