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5400 w/ Win2k Advanced Server?

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Hello everyone,

I have recently purchased two Quad Xeon 5400 2.0ghz to be used on dual processor configuration server (8gb ram) mainly for virtualization (8-9 virtual machines).

To use these CPUs at their best is it ok to install Windows 2000 Andvanced Server (for VMWare)? or is it better Win 2k3?

Are there specific problems with these CPUs and such and old OS or is everything fine?

Thank you for your time.



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From a Xeon 5400 CPU persepctive, there should not be any problem running older Windows OSes as guest

Xeon 5400 has a hardware feature called Intel VT FlexPriority, which when enabled by the VMM/hypervisor software can accelerate the performance of older Windows 32-bit guest OSes by upto 35%. Currently Virtual Iron, MSFT Hyper-V beta, and Citrix Xenserver have enabled these features in their products. Please check with the hypervisor vendors regarding the appropriate software versions that support it to be sure (if you want this feature enabled as part of your Xeon 5400 infrastructure).