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Eaglelake will be here soon...


Intel is releasing Eaglelake in Q2, next generation chipset set to replace Bearlake. Eaglelake will be available in two versions: Eaglelake-P and Eaglelake-G. The -G version will have integrated graphics and the -P version of the chipset will not. The chipset will support dual-core Wolfdale and quad-core Yorkfield processors, built on the 45nm manufacturing process, with a 1333MHz FSB, and PCI-Express 2.0.

Unlike Bearlake, where only one of the derivatives will have PCI-Express 2.0 support, the X38 chipset, Eaglelake in both versions will support this feature, bringing the speed up to 5GT/Link, as opposed to 2.5GT/Link, the maximum currently supported bandwidth. The memory controller on Eaglelake will support DDR3-1333, with an expected support for DDR2-800.

Eaglelake will have many features such as display Port, HDMI, DVI, and HDCP, in addition to Clear Video engine HD-DVD and Blu-ray support. CPU bottlenecking will be alleviated with the help of Bitstream Processing/Entropy Decode, Frequency Transform, Pixel Prediction and Deblocking features. Also a new southbridge is in included, ICH10 for Eaglelake, which will do away with PS/2 and LPT ports, but will include a 10Gbit Ethernet controller, Wireless Ethernet controller and refined power consumption.

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