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Big problem on an SS-4200E storage


Dear all,

today, starting up our SS-4200E storage it gives me an error (all 4 LEDs blinking amber). I went inside the dashboard and it says that one HD has been replaced. Of course I didn't changed anything so,following another thread on this problem, I reset the device with no result.

Then I come back saying"yes" to the question of adding the "new" disk. It taked about one hour but at the end..I HAVE ANYMORE THE DATA!!

The device is currently again available and it starts the RAID reconstruction but allthe data seems to be lost!!

The device is online fromabout 3 months with no problems.It isin RAID5 and withlast firmware release.

Please HELP ME!

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If you just lost one drive in a RAID 5, you don't have to worry about the data. It might be slow to respond while it's rebuilding, but the parity information will be intact.

Did you replace the dead drive, or just tell it to rebuild on the failed drive?

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