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Compatability version of BIOS and version of Intel Rapid Storage Manager


hi community

i have the problem that my intel storage manager shows all sata hdd's in raid 1 and raid 5 are broken.. (the hdd's are brand new!!)

what can i do? maybe it's possible, the compatability from the bios version and from the intel rapid storage manager version is wrong? according to the hardware raid manager shows that all hdd's are working correct!

i have the following hardware:


OS: Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard

Serverboard Modell: Intel S2400GP

BIOS-Version: Intel Corp., SE5C600.86B.01.06.0002.110120121539

Intel Rapid Storage-Technologie (Enterprise)

User Interface Version:

Intel Controller: SATA (AHCI)

SATA-Ports Count: 6

Version of RAID-Extensions-ROMs: (the version is compatible with the above-named BIOS-version?! have found this under "")



i'm on the edge of despair have searched many hours under vainly..

would be grateful about each answer can help me gp

many thanks!!

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See the S2600GP Technical Product Specification. There you'll see that there are different SAS and SATA ports on the board (page 5 & 6):

SATA 6G port 0

SATA 6G port 1

SATA 3G port 2

SATA 3G port 3

SATA 3G port 4

SATA 3G port 5

SCU0 Mini SAS port (0-3)

SCU1 Mini SAS port (4-7)

There's also Intel® RAID C600 Upgrade Key Options to support the On-Server Board SATA/SAS Capable Controllers (page 42). However, there's no key required to support RAID 5 with RSTe. But if you want more than 4 ports (Intel® RSTE 8 ports SATA R0,1,10 & 5) you need the RKSATA8R5 (White) C600 Upgrade Key Option.

You also need to use the BIOS Setup Utility, accessed during system POST, to enable/disable SW RAID, and select which embedded software RAID option to use.

For Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RSTe):

  • Supported RAID Levels – 0,1,5,10
  • 4 Port SATA RAID 5 available standard (no option key required)
  • 8 Port SATA RAID 5 support provided with appropriate Intel® RAID C600 Upgrade Key
  • No SAS RAID 5 support (SATA only)



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