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Connect 2 Intel Modular Server together by an external SAS connexion



I have found a specification explaining how to connect one MFSYS25 (IMS) with an external to a Promise* VTrak E610s.

This not exactly what i want.

What i want to do is to connect one MFSYS25 to another MFSYS25 (by interconnecting the SAS external port of each MFSYS25).

You have understood, i would like scalability.

In such configuration :

- the first MFSYS25 (say MFSYS25-1) would host the 6 blades + the SAN

- the second MFSYS25 (say MFSYS25-2) would host 6 more blades (these 6 blades use the remote SAN offered by MFSYS25-1)

For MFSYS25-2 point of view, MFSYS25-1 would then appear as a pure external SAN.

Is it technically feasible ? (this depends of SAS zoning capabilities of your system, I guess)

For info ;

I am currently working with IBM to do the same thing between one HS21 (in a Blade Center-E) and one HS21 (in a Blade Center-S - hosting the SAN).

I have the two guys in lab, but for the moment, we did not succeed to make the HS21 (in the BC-E) access to its lun located on the BC-S.

If you have a solution to my requirement , then i will choose Intel IMS.


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No, there is currently no way to use another MFSYS25 as just an external SAN