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S5000PAL Not booting



I've got a S5000PAL sitting in an Antec Titan case with a 650Watt ATX PSU

The 20+4 connector and CPU power connections are seated correctly and everything seems to be installed correctly. When I turn power on, the Blue LED flashes briefly and two green LED's come on (one blinks Green/Amber for a while then settles to full green) and the front power switch is connected on the front panel pins correctly (I've re-checked this a number of times)

When I press the power button switch on the front though nothing happens. No system/CPU fan and no activity.

Can you give me any guidance? The board is brand new!

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First of all Antec Titan seems to be a pedestal chassis while S5000PAL is optimized for rack chassis, so I'm really wondering whether it will work properly...

Suppose you have the 12x2 main power connector and 4x2 CPU power connector properly connected.

You may want to check whether the standoffs on the chassis are in the right position. If anyone of them is not in the position of a tooling hole on the board, it shorts the board and may cause no boot.

Second you may want to check if your processor is supported on the board: Note that there are hardware requirements to support Xeon 5200/5300/5400 series processors.

Also try to remove the front power switch and short pin 11-13 of the SSI control panel connector (J3H2) using a screwdriver and see if it powers up.

If you still can't power it up you may want to try a supported chassis