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Does RMM2 really support terminal


Hi, we are using the mullin servers which are equipped with intel rmm to do auto install. and we read from the manual("Intel® Remote Management


Module 2 User Guide"):

The Intel® RMM2 module features an embedded operating system and applications that


offer a variety of standardized interfaces. The interfaces are accessed using TCP/IP




• HTTP/HTTPS :Full access is provided by the embedded web server. You can access


the Intel® RMM2 using the unsecured HTTP protocol or using the encrypted


HTTPS protocol. HTTPS is preferred.


• Telnet: A standard Telnet client can be used to access most of the Intel® RMM2


functionality, including text-mode console redirection. When connected using telnet


these commands are supported: help, quit, version, terminal, and clp.


• SSH: A Secure Shell (SSH) client.


To access the remote host system through a securely

But when we use telnet, we did not find terminal, though help, quit, clp do exist. We could not figure out what problem causes this, could you please tell us what might cause this problem? Thank you

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