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Want to make a good Workstation with:

Intel S5520 SC Motherboard

5600 Case (670W)

AXXDRV4 Expander

2 Intel L5630 CPUs


SRCSASJV Controller

3x 2TB Hitachi Disks as raid0 and a GPT Partition

My Problem is:

Windows 7 is not running ok. Every 1-2 min the computer hangs. Than I can see like the disk is full. After few minutes windows works normaly, then the same

With enabled uefi bios I can use ONLY the onboard graphics !!!

with disabled uefi I can use the NVIDIA GTS 250 but I can make only one MBR partition with 2 TB, I can not use the rest !!! Cannot create a second partition !!!

The same also with Windows Server 2008 R2, the only difference is that the computer doesn't hang.

It would work fine with win2008r2 but I cannot use the Nvidia GTS250.

Tried with many different bios settings, tried with different bios, from 55-60 . . . .

Where from comes the name "Workstation Board" :-), is NOT usable with GPT or MBR Partitions! Not usable with GPT and a Graphics Card !!!

Tried also wit an GT430 Nvidia.

What's wrong ????



Windows Server 2008R2 works without Problems with GPT 6 TB Drive but ONLY with OnBoard Graphics !!!!

Windows 7 Ultimate only with the hang Problem

ALL FIRMWARE are the newest, (MB, Raid, AXX, . . . .)

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Why do you need a bootable GPT partition?

When selecting a size for your virtual disk in the SRCSASJV's ROM, create one VD with a capacity less than 2TB, and use the remainder for your second VD.


RAID-0 (3x2TB):


VD-0 = 500GB


VD-1 = Remainder

Pg. 76 shows you the 'Select Size' option I'm talking about:

This way you avoid the need to enable UEFI. You can install your O/S as MBR on VD-0, then VD-1 can be initialized as GPT then formatted.

As for the hanging issue, it could be this:

Although for that to be true, both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 should be affected.

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"Why do you need a bootable GPT partition?"

Want to have only one big partition.Why we have GPT if we should use MBR ?

"As for the hanging issue, it could be this:"

No, I knew this document. I also have the same Problems with an DP55WG Motherboard, same disks, i7-870, 16 gb ram.

Windows Server 2008R2 workst without problems, but windows 7 not !

Use the DP55WG with SRCSASJV and newest driver, bios, firmware, . . . the same problem also with SRCSASRB.

W2008R2 works, win7 not !!!

The same hardware, the same driver.

DP55WG UEFI works, but only w2008r2

So it is not possilbe to use UEFI (gpt partitions) and a PCI-E Graphics card???

With "workstation" Motherboard like S5520SC ???

UEFI works only with w2008r2 and onboard graphics ???

Can not be true or . . . ???


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I kind of agree with Gize - For easy data protection it's recommended to seperate data storage from OS, so Gize's suggestion of creating two VDs is the best practice.

However, if you really want to boot from a GTP disk, make sure you follow the steps in the GPT white paper. If you're running Windows 7, it needs to be 64-bit. Also, remember to install the latest NIC driver right after OS installation.

I don't really understand "it is not possilbe to use UEFI (gpt partitions) and a PCI-E Graphics card". Could you be more specific? What's the issue?

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I know this document; I read it 5 times :-)

The document says:

Enter F2 when system POST and enter system BIOS.

Switch to Boot Options tab,

Enable "EFI Optimized Boot" and "Use Legacy Video for EFI OS"

I can create Volume, I can do it by this 2 described ways, . . . this is not the problem.

"I don't really understand "it is not possible to use UEFI (gpt partitions) and a PCI-E Graphics card". Could you be more specific?"

If I switch to EFI I can use ONLY the OnBoard Graphics, not the PCI-E Card. !!!

My GTS250 Nvidia Graphics card doesn't work. NO SIGNAL, NO PICTURE, . . . .what to describe? ;-)

Beside these problems, Win7 has this hanging problem. Believe me, all drivers, firmwares, bios are the newest.

Has nothing with drivers !!!

"Also, remember to install the latest NIC driver right after OS installation."

Yes, I tried x times to install, normally first I install the newest chipset drivers, than NIC, grpahics, . . rest

I also tried first to install NIC driver after OS install, the same !

"However, if you really want to boot from a GTP disk"

Yes I want :-), but I also tried with MBR, but I can use only the first 2 TB of the 6 TB Volume.

Maybe will be better to create 2 Volumes in RAID, but I want to have one BIG Partition, if it is possible.

I use it right now with an DP55WG Board, the same RAID Controller (SRCSASJV), 16 GB RAM, UEFI.

Server 2008R2 works, win7 NOT!!!

The same Hardware, with win7 the same hanging problems (computer works few minutes normally, than hangs for more than 2-3-4 min, if I have open Explorer and the drives on the right side, I can see as if this 6 TB volume were 99% empty !!!, then if I press every 10 second the F5 on the keyboard you can see rapidly "filling" the disk, till the disk is RED as Full :-) but there are only maybe 10 gb of install on it.)

Maybe it would be good to make a video of it

With windows server 2008r2 I don't have this problem. (not on S5520SC, not on the DP55WG)

Win 7, both have the same problem!

The RAID Driver is the same*&DownloadType=Treiber*&DownloadType=Treiber

Use someone this "workstation :-)" board with UEFI (gpt partitions) and a PCI-E Graphics card?

Why I use the big gpt partition, need a fast, big drive for video editing, want to use 2 volumes on 2 raid0 sets of 3x2TB disks.

My OS install with software, drivers, office software etc is max. 80-100 gb, I always make a clonezilla image, so I don't need Radi5 or more (will also not be a problem to add 1 disk pro set to have raid5)

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