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ECC with Celeron G540 on S1200KP?

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Hello. I am planning a low-power mini-ITX storage server based around the S1200KP server board. It seems like the perfect solution for my needs, particularly in that I could use the inexpensive Celeron G540 as CPU. ECC memory is a requirement for this server. According the Product Brief for the G540 (, it supports ECC memory. So I naturally assumed this would not be an issue, but recently someone pointed out to me that if you search the ARK using ECC support as a filter, the G540 is eliminated from the results.

Is it possible to receive some clarification on this issue? Thank you very much!

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Yes the processor is supported. See Tested processor list. The type of memory supported by the processor is dependent on the PCH SKU in the target platform. So, on S1200KP, yes ECC is supported.

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Great, thanks. I had seen the G540 listed in the tested processor list. I thought it might be the case that while one can use the processor in the motherboard, ECC memory would not be enabled while doing so. Thanks for your clarification!