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Error Installing STD Server 2008 64 Bit

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I have been trying to install 2008 STD Server 64 bit .It loads the files, i get past the Windows "Install Now" button, then i get an error message. It reads " WINDOWS COULD NOT DISPLAY THE IMAGES AVAILABLE FOR INSTALLATION" The only option is to click ok. It says Please wait on the screen and Shuts down. Ive installed the updates during the server deployment, its done the bios update, other configuration updates, etc. Has anyone come accros this and managed to get around the issue? Ive gone around in circles all day and tried every option i could try. The server components :- S5500BC and Xeon E5506 2.13GHz with 4 GiG Kingston KVR133D3D8R9S DDR3 (2 x2) .All new out of the box. I was also greying yesterday and now going bald

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Long shot -- try attaching a network cable at the back of your NIC port.

Also, update to the latest BIOS/Firmware available @

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Jytan , Thanks for the input. I had a network cable connected and had upddates installed. I didnt try the EFT engine. I rang Intel and had a long discussion with one of the techs. He advised me and talked to me whilst i manually configured the RAID on the server. I had previously used the Server Deployment CD to do all of the configuring for me. Never Again. Do it manually and dont rely on the cd to correctly configure a server for you. Even though the cd went through the process and reported it all well and done, never leave a task to someone else, or in this case something else when you can do it yourself! We configured the RAID as i needed it to be. RAID 1 and installed windows without a hitch. It asked for drivers , RAID drivers at the correct time and it was done. Grrrr a long wasteful weekend , but a lesson learned i wont forget in a hurry!