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Fan problem, S5000pslsata in SC5400lx chassis

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Hello All,

I have got a server with an intel s5000pslsata board in a SC5400LX Chassis.

I have noticed the fans where running on a higher RPM. On the intel active system console, I can read out the folowing.

On the cooling button, in the window "FAN" I see that the "SYS FAN 1 TACH" has a question mark in the health column and has a current reading of 0RPM. The other three fans are healty

In the "Discrete sensor" window, in the colum Health I see a exclamation mark in a yellow triangle. The row where the yellow triangle is displayed, shows "Fan Redundancy " as name and the current reading is "Redundancy lost". On the "fan 1 present", I see that this is healthy, but the current reding displays "DEVICE_REMOVED_ABSENT", but it is fysically present.

The fans are fysically ok. When I swap the "hot swap fan" positionned in 1 to position 2, the fan funs.

Could someone help, getting further on this issue?




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Fans running full speed:

  • 1) Fan speed too slow.-- bad fan
  • 2) fan connected incorrectly on mother board.
  • 3) FRUSDR not loaded to configure fan speed.
  • 4) system hot


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Hello Doc_Silvercreek,

Could you tell me how I can load the FRUSDR to configure the fan speed?

Do you maybe als know what "AC cycle" the system means?