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Fan speed still high after firmware update on Server System P4308CP4MHEN


The motherboard (a S2600CP4) is preinstalled in the system, so the cabling should be correct.

When I first turned the system on. both fans ran at hight speed. After doing the firmware update, the top fan (Fan 2) is running correctly. But the lower fan, which I believe is fan 1, is still running very fast.

I have updated the firmware using the EFI a second time.

When updating the FRU, I see the following messages.

The system detects the Intel Server Chassis P4000M Non Redundant Fan SKU is detected,

8 x 3.5 Hot Swap Backplane 1 is deteced

Probing system for sensors and FRU device hardware...

Updating FRU areas

Processing FRU File .\S2600CP.fru...

Do you want to update the chassis info area of the FRU? I choose "N"

Do you wan to enter the chassis manufacturer name (Additional Field 1)? I choose "n"

Do you want to update the system info area of the FRU? I choose "n"

It does show FRUSDR update completed.

When I go into the BIOS under System Information I see: BMC firmware revision 1.22.6890, ME Firmware rev., SDR rev. SDR Package 1.11.

I have played around with the System Acoustic and Performance Configuration, but those changes did not make any difference.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You have covered most of the troubleshooting listed in our article "System Fan runs Too Fast or Too Loud". I would recommend inspecting the installation of the side cover to make sure it is properly mounted. If it is, I would recommend recording the logs of your system using our Intel System Information Retrieval Utility to investigate what might be triggering the fan speed.


I was able to speak with a tech. at Intel today. He had me try an older firmware version. But that did not work. He told me the BMC should be replaced.

Since it is a brand new server, I was issued am RMA for a replacement.