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How start D34010WYKH on W8.1 without display, kbd, mouse?



I wanted to use a D34010WYKH as a small web server. I could install Windows Server 2012 R2, BUT when installing the LAN driver, the driver stubbornly reported that it could not find any network adaptor.

So I reverted to Windows 8.1, which went fine. Until I tried to start without display. The D34010WYKH just hangs. It can start without keyboard or mouse, but not, as it seems, without display.

On Windows forums they say that this is a function in the BIOS. I can't find any such setting. Is there one?

My suspision is that the Intel Graphics halts the boot when it can't find any display.

So, do you know of any method to use a REAL server OS, like 2012 R2 (actually W8 core), OR a way to boot a Windows 8.1 installation without display attached?

Best // Bo

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Hi Bo, I have never heard of such setting but perhaps the BIOS glossary may help you. Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — BIOS settings glossary Intel® NUC — Supported operating systems

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