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Intel® RAID Controller RS2SG244 - adapter at baseport is not responding


I have a client with a strange issue. They have a Intel 2RU server with a RS2SG244 Intel RAID controller. During POST, they are presented with the normal RAID controller console prompt (BIOS version 3.18.00). The process gets to about 20% and then they are presented with an error stating "Adapter at Baseport is not responding. No MegaRAID adapter installed." We have already replaced the RAID card. The RAID array is not present in BIOS and none of the disks are available.

I'm only new to the Intel realm and would appreciate any incite or ideas to whats going on here. Thanks!

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We understand that the raid controller is not fully initializing and you are getting that error. In this case I would suggest trying another slot for the raid controller if possible.



The next course of action would be updating the raid controller's firmware, you will find the latest firmware here



We would like to know the model of the Intel server and how may processors you are using to be able to double check for you if we can try something else depending on your hardware configuration.



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Following up on this case we would like to know if you were are to try the steps provided previously






Steve V.
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Hello Chris,



We are wondering if you were able to follow our previously given suggestions in order to try to solve the issue.



Please let us know of the results.



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