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Intel Server Firmware Update seems not be validated. This replies to S1200V3, S2600 for V2 and V3. So a bad firmware upgrade can happen because a bit flip or a other case. Did someone knows more ?

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Dear Community,

we are a little but professional Server Manufacturer in Berlin, Germany ( ) that specialised on Intel Server.

So we have verry often to Update Server Firmware before shipping to our customers. Normally all went good but there are some cases, in that something went wrong until the Firmware Update.

In our oppinoin it seems like Intel has ot implementated a solution* yet to ensure a firmware update is 99+% succesfully, so we have to do a verry intensive testing*.

Intel Documentation says how to easy prove the Bios (compare versions in BIOS), but we have seen some cases in that this dont works and even PCT find no error but there was one, we had to fix.


- check Hash before Upload to Memory

- check Hash after Upload to Memory

- check Hash after Update

So what can we do, is there at minimum a Hash we can compare to ensure there was no bit flippin @ download or USB Stick creation ?

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Intel does not keep a list of Hash to compare or ensure errors with the downloads or with the USB creation. I will forward these recommendation to our content managers for consideration.

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The BMC fw does contain a MD5 hash value in the release notes.

I don't know why one is not included for the BIOS, ME, FD packages.

FRU\SDR is a customizable text file so likely not needed.

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