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Intel® Server System R1304GZ4GC and Intel Integrated RAID Module RMS25CB080


hi there,

new user here

I have recently purchased a R1304GZ4GC 1u server with the integrated raid controller. Unfortunately im after something that can support JBOD disks so i can manage the disk with software. I know im loosing out on performance but im comfortable with software raid systems.

I updated all the Bios Firmware for the system with success when i first got it. Im going to use the onboard sas controllers

I would like to remove the module and battery backup unit but when i removed the module the system would ramp up the fans to 100% on the one side. The server BMC web health status shows a BMC error.

BMC FW HealthManagement Subsystem Health

'' sensor has failed and may not be providing a valid reading - Asserted

So its complaining about the temp sensor on the module missing as i have physically removed it. Should this actually throw a error in the first place? If so how do i get the server to not look for it, is there a BMC reset/refresh/rescan option im missing in the bios.

If someone could point me in the right direction to overcome this error i would be grateful, i have replaced the raid module and things are back to normal. But i would like it removed and sold on so its at least put to good use somewhere.



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Community Manager

Hello Craig,



It should have not been an error in the first place, I would recommend clearing the logs in the BIOS and compare results from there.



If the issue continues, I would recommend running the firmware again without the RAID controller and compare results.






Dave A.
Community Manager

Were you able to run the firmware again and compare the results?