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Intel controller RS3UC080J cant see disc in ESXi 6.7 U3


Dear Emeth O.

in Intel server system R1208WFTYS is installed controller RS3UC080J,

There are three tier of disck 1x S4510 480GB M.2 , 1x S4510 1.9TB SATA 2.5, 1x 400GB SAS WD 10DWPD.

Controller is in pass trough mode but dont see disc.

Firmware on servers is latest available.

Contrller firmware is latest

Driver for ESXi is installed

ESXi dont see disc connected to controller. ESXi releise

Do you have any suggestion what should do or is there any special BIOS setup for controller to work in ESXi?

We try all possible combination in Bios.

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