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Interesting Teaming Problem


I had a recent discussion here about trying to get Link Aggregation going with a couple of Intel NIC's. Mark was nice enough to walk me through my issues and recommend that I team one of my built-in cards (82574L with a add-on card the Gigabit CT Desktop adapter).

I was then able to create a team with these two cards forming Dynamic Link Aggregation. I then successfully connected my NAS drive and all was fine.

A few hours into my regular computer session I get a HUGE system slow down. So slow that my mouse cursor stutters across the screen and restoring or launching apps are pointlessly slow. So in my investigating I decide to try to backtrack and disable or change whatever I added or changed recently.

I disabled the team and also disabled the newly added CT card. System seems to be fine. Going on a few reboots and few hours of computer work.

Seems my problem is either with the team or CT card.

Can anyone think of an issue with running an on-board NIC with an add-on card NIC paired into a team that would cause this type of system slowdown?

Not sure what my troubleshooting should be.

I was also thinking I might have better luck with the Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T2 Mark had suggested and trying to team the two ports on the same card into Link Aggregation.

Or should I go with a card listed in the supported Windows 7 list: Network Connectivity — Is my Intel� Ethernet Adapter supported in Microsoft Windows 7*?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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