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Matrix Storage Problem

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HELP !!!!! I was running server 2003 x64 on a Intel s3000AH with 4 Drives as a Raid 5 Matrix Storage array, and the machine went down. It would not boot up. I installe Server 2008 on a seperate drive (with its own controller) and booted up, installed Matrix storage manager and tried to Re-Build the array. It gets to about 6% then it tells me that the array is degraded with a Hard Drive Missing - However ALL the drives show Normal !.

What is interesting is that that array was partitioned into two drives ( C + D). the former D Drive is accesable with the C Drive not accesable!

How do I rebuild the Array, or tell which drive is BAD



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Does it say which hard drive is missing? If you have a hot-swap drive carrier, have you tried pulling the drive out for about twenty seconds, then re-inserting it?

It may be that one of the drives keeps dropping out, so it seems online sometimes, but not others.