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Intel SS4000-E crash


My Intel NAS SS4000-E crashed two days ago. As far as I can deduct from the support pages there was a problem when shutting down the system. At this time it boots and keeps on booting, the welcome page keeps on displaying the device is booting and try back later.

At the support pages I see this problem is solved from firmware 1.3 on but there is no way to upgrade with keeping of data if the device is not up.

I'm aiming at getting some data out by attaching the disks to a windows computer but I need more info on how to do that.

At setup time I've choosen linear whcih is different from raid0 !!!

Does anybody know which software I could use to read out my files. Having chosen linear all files should be together except a few who could be spanned.

Do I need a normal data recovery program for ext3 or a raid program ?

I see 3 partitions of which one big being the data.

Any suggestions on affordable programs or services are welcome. I do not have any knowledge about linux.

tx, Johan

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The SS4000 does use Linux internally, so if you were going to recover it, it would have to be from Linux, I think.

I know support has a script that can *sometimes* recover from a failed situation. I'd contact them, or your place of purchase, before doing any hard drive removal or anything.

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