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NIC Teaming Problem PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapters

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Scratching my head on this one and I've run out of things to try:

Windows XP Pro SP3

two single port PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapters

Running latest drivers and PROSet installed

ANS tab is visible but when attempting to create a "New Team" the "No Intel server adapter or Intel integrated connection is available for teaming." messages pops up. Can't even create a single NIC team, basically no compatible adapters discovered. (doesn't the 1000 GT DEsktop support teaming?)

Have ensured all TCP/IP offloading features are turned off and both adapters are configured identical.

Have uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled drivers and PROSet as well, with ame results: temaing finds no adapters at all, noit even the LOM.

The motherboard is an ASUS M4N78PRO with and AMD Phenom 9600 quad-core. BIOS updated to latest release.

Was thinking AMD equivalent to AMT to turn off but nothing found on this.

Anyone can provide some help?


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Teaming options are supported on Intel desktop adapters if there is at least one server adapter installed. For more details about teaming and ANS, check

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As I like to say, "the devil is in the details". Thanks Edward, figured it was something like that .... missed that one.