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New S5520SC - Memory Error - Faulty Board?

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Components all new


Single E5620 SLBV4 in CPU1

1000W PSU

Kingston KVR1066D3Q8R7-SK3/12GI -- Set of three 4GB DIMMs -- Intel Approved List

BIOS Setup and EFI shell both accessible

BIOS - updated to 0054

BIOS - Total Memory Configuration - accurately reported

BIOS - Current Memory Speed - accurately reported

Three POST beeps

LED Diagnostic Lights:


At Startup selection menu (F2) to enter setup, (F6) Boot Menu, (F12) Network Boot

7 - flashing constantly

6 - on

5 - flashing constantly

4 - on

3 - on

2 - off

1 - on

0 - on


In BIOS Setup

7 - flashing occasionally

6 - on

5 - on

4 - flashing fast constantly

3 - flashing fast constantly

2 - flashing slow constantly

1 - on

0 - on

All other LED lights normal state including all DIMM Fault LEDs off

Memory install configurations tried:

DIMM slots A1, B1 and C1 populated with 3 DIMMs

DIMM slot A1 populated with all 3 DIMMs individually one at a time

Windows fails

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Three short beeps indicates USB device initialized, not memory error. There is nothing indicates memory error at this moment. Could you provide more details about "Windows fails"?