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P4304BTLSFCN random reboot...


I have encountered a strange problem with a new P4304BTLSFCN server system. I puchased this system about 9 months ago and just recently got around to getting it ready for installion. I have updated all firmwares via EFI (BIOS, FRU/SDR, BMC), installed Windows Server 2008 R2, updated all drivers to the latest off the downloadcenter, and have all the latest windows updates installed. The server will randomly reboot, usually when I am not around. I've tried various things such as enabling NIC ROM in the BIOS as suggested by another post on this forum. Another user suggested to go back to an older BIOS but I cannot as I am on build 40 and it will not let me downgrade. I've RMA'ed the processor, motherboard, replaced the PSU, ran memtest 4.20 for 48+ hours to no avail. I simply cannot see what is going on. Tonight I discovered the SEL viewer. Upon opening I noticed Critical errors whose timestamp happens right before Windows logs an unclean shutdown. The events are "OEM Reserved,SMI TimeOut (# 0x06)" "CRITICAL event: SMI TimeOut reports it has been asserted." "Integrated BMC - LUN# 0 (Channel# 0)". I'm not really sure what these mean but I figured someone hear might be able to help me out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This is usually caused by a condition that prevents the BIOS from running. What's the CPU, memory and other peripherals on your system?

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