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Status LED for S1200BTL Blink and amber

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he adquirido una placa madre S1200BTL + Xeon Processor E3-1235 y no puedo lograr que inicie. el led de Status se pone en ambar y blink y el led 1 y el 5 están en verde , no tengo video ni sonidos de error, las memorias estan ocupando los bancos A1 y B1 DDR3 1333 de 8 Gb c/u . ¿que puede estar sucediendo ? es urgente !

I purchased a motherboard S1200BTL + Xeon Processor E3-1235 and I can not get started. Status LED turns amber and blink and LED 1 and 5 are green, I not have video and beep error, the memories are oBlink and amberccupying A1 and B1 banks 8Gb DDR3 1333 c / u. What could be happening? urgent!

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First thing to check is memory compatibility. See Tested memory and hardware list.