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P4308CP4MHGC power issues on 2 servers and need at least 1 up as soon as possible


I am a reseller and I have 2 servers that just started having problems. Both were installed around the same timeframe (January and February of 2015). Both are P4308CP4MHGC and are having power issues.


  1. Server 1 - all amber warning lights light up on the motherboard, except there is a green motherboard status light. Nothing is lit up on the front panel and no front panel buttons will do anything. I swapped the front panel with server 2 and still have the same result.
  2. Server 2 - power up and power down very quickly, almost as if there are bad power supplies, but I swapped the power supplies and have the same result. I do smell a sulfur smell and determined that there is some smoke coming from the power connector on the motherboard. I unplugged the power connector on the motherboard and the power supply starts normally.


I tried swapping (redundant) power supplies from server 1 to server 2 and had the same result explained above. I tried swapping power supplies from server 2 to server 1 and had the same result explained above.


I believe both of these are bad motherboards.


I need at least one of these to get started as soon as possible as it is a mission critical for a business. I can use one for parts to get the other running if needed.

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Hi TJ, Thank you so much for contacting us about this. I was reviewing the information provided and I noticed you have two Discontinued Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems. The interactive technical support for the Intel® Server System P4308CP4MHGC you have requested has been discontinued. We can provide you with resources and self-service support information through our website. Please check the link below; Regards, Emeth O. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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