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Problem with the server on S1200V3RP platform



There is a problem with the server on S1200V3RP platform.

On the server has two disk to 2 TB in RAID1 (Used Programnyj RAID Intel Rapid Storage Technology). Suddenly, the server became very slow, disk write speed dropped to 1Mb / s. Status RAID rebuild. SMART drives both said that the wheels are in good condition. In spite of this I replaced the disk on which relied RAID and waited for the completion of rebuilding. I decided to work with one disk in a RAID and do backups on a network drive. A day later, the server is turned off independently. RAID is not seen any drive. It was possible to run the system after use after the Configuration Utility and recovery volume ... Tell me what could be the problem?

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Based in the information you provided, I would like to recommend a firmware update in order to help the RAID solution. Let's start from here. Intel® Server Board S1200V3RPL/S1200V3RPO/S1200V3RPM Firmware Update Package for EFI Instructions: 1. Boot the system to EFI Shell. 2. Copy IFlash32.efi, ipmi.efi and BIOS.CAP file to a USB Flash Drive (Do not use the *Rec.CAP file as it will clear the NVRAM) Notes: It is recommended to copy full package 3. Map the respective storage device in the system with the command Shell> map -r 4. Change the Shell to mapped device file system Example: Shell> fs0: (or fs1:) 5. Run the IFlash32 utility at the prompt fs0:\> IFlash32 [File Name] /u /ni 6. Either reboot the system and Go into BIOS setup , reset defaults and save or After the BIOS update and before rebooting, run: fS0:> Iflash32 -rd 7. Reboot the system
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