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Problems trying to test Intel IO AT and looking for root cause


I am trying to test IOAT and am having some difficulty trying to get it running fully. I have a Dell PE 1950 with an Intel PT 1000 dual port server adapter. The OS is 2008 x64, not R2. I have updated the BIOS and enabled IOAT in there. I have updated the NIC drivers to the latest from Intel's download site. I have also installed the Intel IOATDMA from the Intel download site as well; also the latest. I have rebooted the server and if I select the properties of the Intel 5000 Series Chipset, I can see a status tab where monitoring of IOAT happens, but all the channels are grayed out. If I run netsh int tcp show global, it does not list NetDMA. Any ideas on what I am missing? It seems to me I have everything required to use IOAT but does not seem to be working. All help is appreciated.

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