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Problems with S5520SC



I'm having troubles with S5520SC motherboards. We are working with 5 computers with this motherboard and we have these troubles:

1.- Is not possible to put a PCIe card with firewire ports that works in the PCIe ports except the 16x port. Is this normal ????. We have tried with four different cards (and chipset... Texas Instruments, Via) and different computers. Works in other machines but doesn't works in any S5520SC.(Win XP and Vista 64 bits)

2.- Graphic cards.

--> Works with:

GeForce 7300

GeForce 8400 GS

GeForce 9600

--> Doesn't work with

GeForce 9400

GeForce 9800

We install the drivers but in the Device manager appears the error code 12 that says that the graphics card need more free resources.

Any idea???.

We have tried with different drivers and Operations Systems, XP, VIsta and Linux.

We have tried with the new BIOS and the oldest. Doesn't works. :-(

Our Machines:

12 GB RAM non ECC Kingston.

2 Intel Xeon processors

Different configurations of Hard Disks.

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Wow you picked a hell of a board! I have found the S5520Sc to be very difficult to work with.

Anyways I have successfully used a ATI 4890 PCI-E.

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Trying to quiet down the fans in Chenbro 105 case with that motherboard - and so far no luck. I have yet to "meet" a moodier, quirkier, more difficult motherboard to work with - and I've "met" a few. Not marrying this one, sorry. Took me 4 hours to figure out how to flash the BIOS.

I've tested it with Quadro FX 540 and 1800 - those do work. Try disabling NIC EPROMs (in PCI devices) and see if that helps with the "not enough resources" issue.

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