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Processor for Web Server


Hello. I'm not knowledgeable about servers and processors, I'm a programmer.

I made a database system in PHP (Web based). It's a heavy system but not many people are going to be using it, maybe top 30 people accesing it at the same time. There are some queries that take a lot of processing and some reporting modules. I want to build a server where this database will be hosted. This is the only thing that will be hosted in that server. I'm not sure if I will use Linux or Windows yet.

My question is: should I use a i7 Extreme or 1 or 2 Xeon processors? If I decide to go for Linux, would I have any problem? I hope this question is clear enough. Thanks!

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Good news - Linux certainly won't be a problem.

Either set of processors will work for you. There is a pretty good application at

that should help you decide if you need the extra performance or not.

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