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R1304WT2GS raid drivers for Microsoft Server 2012 r2 standard, Intel drivers don't work whats the solution?


Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Standard will not take the latest or any ESRT 2 Raid drivers when the asked at beginning of installation. I can browser to drivers and list shows compatible drivers but Windows reports they are not correct drivers. I'm stuck, cannot continue install. I called Intel support and got the usually run around i.e. case number 8001096054 and we will look into. This is a new Intel server line as of 4/1/2015, they are just released and drivers seem half baked. I also tried the RSTe raid with same result. Anybody help me or at least seen the same problem?

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Not correct as in they don't load and you do not see any HDDs in the system?

Or are you seeing a HDD and it is reporting an error loading the OS?

W2012 wants to write the boot sector to the first "HDD" it finds in the system. If you have a USB flash drive installed , it will error out with come msg about unable to create partition. Don't install USB stick until asked for the driver media and remove it as soon as you finish with the driver loading the driver, before you select the HDD to install to.

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It appears the driver is just not compatible with the board. Make sure the driver is for the correct board. It is challenging that this is a new model of board. But I'd think Intel should already have the basic driver ready before selling the board. WS2012 is smart to know what driver to use.

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Just to be in sync, the most current RAID drivers are found at the following URLs: ESRT2 RAID driver for Windows* RSTe RAID driver for Windows*

Hence, if you selected ESRT2 as the onboard RAID controller card in 'AHCI Capable RAID Options' BIOS section, then, when prompted to manually load up the RAID driver, you find a the ESRT2_Windows_signed_DRV_v16.03.2014.1127\windows8_ws2012_x64 path, within your USB thumb drive. If RSTe is rather chosen in the mentioned BIOS section, you'll find it at intel rste 4.1 gd windows package\Drivers\x64\Win8_2K12\AHCI.

Once you upload the RAID driver and finally see the volume to install Windows on, you remove the USB thumb drive, click on the Refresh button, and click on Next:

Hope that helps!