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Remote WMI query of Intel Adapter Teaming is not working


For Microsoft WMI providers it is possible to query the parameters of several classes from any remote machine, assuming to have the access rights. For Intel Adapter Teaming the WMI provider is installed on the individual machines. Although it is possible to query the Intel WMI provider on each local machine, it is not possible to query the WMI providers over the network (i.e. remotely). It seems that during installation of the WMI provider it is not fully registering with all needed security infos. Since WMI is a means to query many devices over a distributed environment, it absolutely makes sense, to provide such information as a WMI provider. We'd like to query the distributed Intel WMI providers for which of the links is in active or standby state.

FYI: When querying the individual nodes remotely it can be seen, that the Intel WMI namespace 'root\IntelNCS2' is available. Even the individual classes of that namespace can be retrieved remotely. Only access to the parameters of the individual classes is not given. Also there are no error messages, the results are simply empty.

Please advise on what changes to make to the installation in order to get access to the Intel Adapter Teaming WMI provider parameters from remote.

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Not sure why you are seeing this issue. One of our engineers just ran some scripts remotely to create a team, get the team information, and setup VLANs on the team. Have you tried completely uninstalling the Intel(R) Network Connections software and then reinstalling the software? Maybe something is not setup properly like you said. I do not know of any settings in the Intel Network Connections software that you will need to change. Therefore, a fresh install is a good thing to try.

Mark H