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S2600 motherboard ethernet boards not working


Hi all.  I'm pretty sure this must be a configuration problem, but I'm stumped.


S2600WF platform with RMM 4 Lite 2

Intel I350-T2 Dual Port NIC


So in all, there are five ethernet ports.  The Management port (via the RMM) works fine.  The Intel I350-T2 NIC ports both seem to work fine.


But the two main motherboard ports don't respond at all.  Booting into linux shows the ports are UNPLUGGED.  Various other things I've looked at in the BMC console and the BIOS show them as down/unplugged as well.  This despite replacing the cables several times and moving them from the I350-T2 card to the motherboard - works in one place and not another.


How can I determine if this is a hardware issue or a config issue?  What would you check? 


I've even booted using a USB Fedora bootable and it sees the ports as unplugged regardless.


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Have you booted into a Windows OS or just Linux?

Could check device manager status on the ports if Windows?

Does it even show them or does it show them with exclamation against them?

If you plug them into a switch do you get a light on the switch port?


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