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S5000pslsata Server Board Broken Raid 5 Array


I have a customer that has a Intel server with S5000PSLSATA system board. Server has been running fine for some time (5 Years). The server has 6 750Gb Seagate drives. 2 of the drives are configured as Global Hot Spares. The rest of the drives (4) are configured as a Raid 5 array. Last week, the server locked up and had to be rebooted. The customer called me when the server would not come up. The 2 global spares had died. The server was trying to rebuild the raid array because another drive was also failing. I had to order two more drives so i returned the server to the office for repair. When I started the server back up and entered into the embedded raid utility, I noticed that two of the good raid drives showed READY and two of the other drives showed ONLIN A00-00 and ONLIN A00-01. The virtual drive still shows the raid 5 array with a size of 2.14TB but the status is degraded. Is there a way to add the two ready drives back to the existing array and let it rebuild without losing data?

Thanks for all your help.

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I do hope you have a full backup of you data. I can't guarantee the steps below will get your data back, but if the disks are intact then you may still have chance.

First check the parameters of the existing array, and record them all, like VD size, stripe size, etc. Make sure all drives are in their original position. Now delete the existing VD, and create a new VD using exact same parameters of the old one. Do NOT initialize the new VD.

Reboot and see if the data is accessible. Good luck.

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