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S5520UR motherboard's built in lan ports producing lots of errors



We purchased 3 new Intel servers which have S5520UR motherboards in them. We have Windows 2008 R2 server installed on them.

Since we put them into service we noticed that our Windows 7 and windows XP clients would drop their mapped drives frequenctly.

If you clicked on a mapped drive, it would take ages to read the directory from the server. As ther servers have got older ( like 9 months ), we've noticed the problem was getting worse.

We tried changing switches which the servers are connected -- Didn't help

We tried both lan ports on the motherboard -- Didn't help

We downloaded and installed the latest Lan drivers for the motherboard (July 14th 2010 ) -- Made the problem even worse.

We used wireshark to sniff the network and found that all of the new servers were producing LAN errors. ( Unable to locate IP address of servers -- Malformed packets from the servers -- continual asking for a packets to be resent from the server.)

We purchased some intel PCI-Express Lan cards and inserted them into the servers. ( Problem is fixed )

Was wondering if anyone else was having similar problems? and if so, have they managed to fix the problem other than installing different lan cards in the server?


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Most likely you are seeing one of the effects of the embedded NIC driver issue.

These were several NIC drivers released as well as a BIOS option switch to address issues such as your describing (kind of)

I would recommend:

1) Updating to the newest code stack posted on the board support site.

2) Boot into BIOS set-up and press F9 to reset the defaults. (make sure you know any settings you have changed from default before you do this so that they can be reset)

3) Restore your customer BIOS settings and F10 exit

4) load the newest NIC drivers

Issues should all go away.