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SR1680MV and X5600 Series Cpu's


Hi Everyone,

I'm in need of some help to confirm my suspicions..

I have a new SR1680MV chassis which i started up using a X5504 CPU.. After reading through all the Intel Documentation regarding X5600 compatability it first appeared that all i needed to do was upgrade the bios to the lastest version which i have done.

I then fitted some X5600 series cpu's and the machine refuses to boot coming up with the heart beat led flashing red.

After digging around some more i came across some information regarding the SR1680MVR "westmere refresh" chassis. In the documentation it made note that there were several steps required to enable support for the 5600's of which i havent been abled to find any information on.

With the failure of the machine to boot the 5600 cpu's im suspecting that there are also hardware changes between these two different chassis to support the 5600 cpus.

Can someone please confirm this for me as i'm stuck in hole at the moment.

Regards, Rob

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I'm going to answer my own question and ask another.

After more searching and reading i have discovered the source of my problem. The SR1680MV server boards i have are the Tylersburg B3 stepping.

No support for 130W 5600 cpu's. I was trying to be sneaky with a custom thermal solution.

So my question is - In the supported cpu list for this revision board they are the 95W 5600 cpu's. X5670 being the top one listed.

Is the X5675 also supported as this is a 95W cpu as well?

Also in the "westmere refresh" SR1680MVR. Does this contain the C2 stepping chipset? Can i install the 130W cpu's?

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I'm tryingto get us much density into a small place as possible.

Regards, Rob

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